My Journey into Aging as a Daughter of the "Overly Wrinkled"

Posted by MJBH on 2/7/2018
My Journey into Aging as a Daughter of the "Overly Wrinkled"

So, in my youth I often bravely claimed that when I became older I would grow old gracefully, as though I could care less about my appearance in my twilight years. I truly believed that I had no use or desire to ever "undergo the knife" and couldn't understand why women would have their faces stretched and pulled to try and seem younger when mostly they just looked stretched and pulled. 

As time has gone by and the wrinkles began to form, I must admit that I have been shocked and astonished that I am actually growing older. It's as if I thought I would always look twenty something. Kind of like that "oopsy" pregnancy only happens to other girls and could never happen to me. In the back of my mind looking older was so far off (almost like the idea of dying) that I didn't need to worry about it....and it wouldn't happen to me (laugh). I knew that I would maintain that "cute girl" look forever.....I obviously didn't realize how vain I actually was/am. 

In addition to my delusional thinking, I began to realize that my grandmother, who I loved deeply, was probably the most wrinkled woman I had ever known. (Some of this due to being a sun-loving goddess and the other part being due to constantly having a cigarette on her lips and grimacing from the smoke bellowing in her face). Even more surprising when my own mother began to greatly resemble my grandmother. My mother was never sun-loving like my grandmother, but was for the majority of her life a smoker. So they had that and genetics in common.

That's when the fear kicked in and I realized that I too was a woman who wanted to do whatever I could to stave off the fine lines and wrinkles that I claimed were simply nothing but a beautiful display of experience. However, the fear of surgeries gone wrong in additional to the ridiculous costs have prevented me from entering into the wonderful world of plastics. My next idea was anti-aging creams and lotions. The moment I heard that one lotion that was very popular on the market for scarring and stretch marks would work wonders on aging skin, I dashed out and bought some. Of course, after time and time of rubbing and massaging this miracle lotion on my face I soon faced the reality that nothing was happening. I then decided that any type of topical treatment was "snake oil" and the only change that would happen is a much lighter wallet as these creams and serums were very highly priced.

Somewhere around this time a friend convinced me to start a handmade cosmetic line. I had always loved lipstick and eye shadow and was constantly scouring the shelves for new colors. So, I followed this advice and started "Obsessed Minerals." I was highly satisfied with my creations and loved the many options I now had that no one else had. The downside was the more I played with my color makeup, the more I paid attention to my skin and noticed the inevitable was continuing to happen to me. Fine lines and wrinkles (boo).

I had never been interested in skin care. I was one of those lucky teenagers who had an occasional pimple so never really was concerned with my skin. My only ritual was that I have for years used baby shampoo to clean my face and have been happy with the results. Due to a lotion allergy as a kid I really never developed the moisturizing habit so I had no skin care regimen at all. Soon I began thinking, I have this cosmetic line, what would it take to integrate skin care and would anyone even want it.

This question led me to begin my research. Since my cosmetic line is based on keeping things in a natural perspective I wondered if I could have aging prevention products from natural ingredients. I researched and researched and researched some more. I learned that women have been using natural oils to save their skin and increase their beauty since the beginning of time. I studied as many oils as I could based on the value of treating wrinkles, healing, dark spot reduction and increasing elasticity and collagen. All the things that were killing my own skin. 

I comprised a trio of products to slow the aging process and even help reduce the signs of aging that have already marked their territory. My favorite, of course, is the night serum, I used this (so did my husband) for close to two years before selling it. I noticed almost immediate improvement in my skin texture and so did my friends! Even my mother-in-law told my husband how beautiful my skin was! I was so excited to hear that something that I whipped together could actually help. Do I look 23 again, no, but, for my age my skin looks better then most, for me that is exciting knowing that genetically I come from a long line of women with premature and severe wrinkling. 

The serum has not only helped with fine lines and wrinkles, but my skin looks more radiant. I've also had psoriasis my entire life and over the years have a spot on the side of my face that looks like an itchy sore. When using my serum (day cream too) the spot goes away. I'v noticed that if I get lazy and don't use it, the spot re-appears. I love this stuff! Smells great! Absorbs completely by morning and doesn't even leave pillow case residue (not even sure how that happens as it is an oil based product).

So, to sum up, I understand that aging can and is happening to me. I hate it, we all do, but I also know I can do something to help slow it down a bit, supplementation is also a great addition to anyone's diet, I have also tried to increase my water intake and added Omega 3's and feel like I'm actually making a dent in the fight. 

Wish me luck as I am wishing anyone who is undergoing this journey the same.