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Marianne Skiba, 2-time Emmy Award Winner, New York Women in Film & Media winner, Pittsburgh Fashion Hall of Fame honoree, owner Glam Earth Boutique, on Obsessed Minerals;
"I was introduced to Michael Huwe in 2010 when I was searching for a mineral makeup line for my retail boutique, Glam Earth and my customers love it so much that it is now the only mineral makeup line I stock! 
As a Pro Celebrity Makeup Artist I started using Obsessed products on movies & tv shows and from Leading Ladies to Hollywood extras these products perform so well under the hot lights or on location that I can't do without them. 
The eyeshadows are terrific, long lasting & versatile.
Cherry Mocha & Mystic Sand are my personal favorites. The liquid minerals & powder foundation have such a global color range that I always have just the right shade for any skin tone.
The Color Setting Powder is better than any other I've used-even the top brands!
I love Obsessed Minerals Makeup and my makeup bag would seem empty without them!"
-Marianne Skiba
Law & Order
All My Children
The Fault In Our Stars
Jack Reacher
Won't Back Down
Fathers & Daughters
"I'm a member of Makeup Artists & Hairstylists Union Local 798.  I've had a great relationship with Michael Huwe & Obsessed Minerals for 7 years.  I've used her products on music videos, commercials and movies.  Most recently Mac Miller on Frick Park & Knock Knock music video's. Also the Starz Chanel hit series-"The Chair." Where I chose Obsessed Minerals as the exclusive makeup for the production because of its versatility, great shade range & long lasting color.
I am in love with Obsessed because the pigment is so intense and it blows Mac out if the water. Its different in the sense that I use her eye shadows for blush, body painting, and eye liner. Its very versatile. Michael’s product is a diamond in the rough. She has such raw talent and is truley an artist. Her charismatic personality carries through her product. Just look at all the beautiful colors. I have other brands on my kit but Obsessed is really what I prefer and love to have with me!!
T mobile 
Union Makeup Artist 798
Bethany Montecalvo
"Obsessed Minerals really shined, literally and figuratively, year
after year at the Steelers annual fashions how.

"What makes skin on a runway look flawless is not always the same as
your "day-to-day" look, but the models wearing Obsessed Minerals
looked beautiful on and off of the runway, they were glowing.

"The Obsessed Minerals palettes created pulled-together looks for all
occasions.  From runway to blind date, talk about day-to-night
perfection. -- 
Alana Bly-Production Coordinator Pittsburgh Steelers Fashion Show

New Review from the Chef at "Faces Of Italy" TV Show
Just wanted to let you know that my skin felt amazing after I used the Obsessed Minerals makeup. Shooting a series all day under those hot lights and it really stood up to the heat and sweat. My skin still looked beautiful and would highly recommend these products to my friends and family. I've never used a product that works this great and I have tried them all!! I've spend hundreds of dollars on similar products and I have never seen these results, thank you so much for the opportunity to use them! Their brushes are gorgeous and applied the makeup so evenly and smoothly, again thank you and God Bless you and Obsessed MInerals!
Chef Edye Marchese

Another Review from the Hostess of "Faces of Italy" TV Show
 " I absolutely LOVE all the make up from eyeshadows to the complexion perfection. Everything is lightweight, and blends beautifully. All the colors stand out very well, or blend perfectly, depending on what you are trying to do. And I also love how the lipstick smells really good. It is definitely true to call this line Obsessed, because I very quickly became obsessed. Oh, and the brushes are amazing and beautiful, and they are a perfect companion to this makeup. Also, I appreciate the natural ingredients in your makeup because of sensitive skin, and liking the natural thing. Keep on rocking at makeup!"
Nyree says, "With Obsessed Minerals, iridescence is the passion. Colors that appear to be a solid color but once put on become another color. ... And certainly cheaper than M.A.C. Obsessed Mineralsoffers an array of makeup products; eye shadows, blush, bronzer, lipstick, foundation, primer, concealer, shimmer, cosmetic brushes.
... And for carnival revelers, cosmetic glitter in a variety of colors! And numerous shades of golds, bronzes, silvers and colored eyeshadows. I love Gotcha' & Silverware. Silverware (seen left) is the finest silver eye shadow I've ever used!
Take a look at what "Couch With A View" said about OM's Shadows!
"I received Fugitive, Millionaireand At Large, they looked fabulous by themselves and they looked even more stunning when put together!!"
She says this:
"Overall, I recommend OM's products. The best thing for me is the attention that Dr. Huwe invests into developing quality products and unique formulation.
Check out Obsessed Minerals online. No doubt you'll become an instant fan like I have!"
See our review by celebrity makeup artist Victoria Stiles at

Obsessed Mineral Makeup: Shimmering Eye Shadows

Unique find: highly pigmented shimmer shadows that are good to your skin, go on velvety and blend easily without the mess! The Pressed Mineral Eyeshadows from come in a variety of irredescent shades that gently change appearance in different light. The formula is ultra-smooth for a seamless finish– perfect for everyday or photo-shoots! You can choose pressed or loose... [Read more]

The "Decorative Diva" says this about Millionaire in their blog.
"I'm wearing two eye shadow colors by Obsessed Mineralstoday and I'm happy to report that they seem to be very pigmented!" "Millionaire is like being dipped in gold."
The Makeup Divas reviewed "Obsessed Minerals" Pressed Shadows and said this:
"These shadows glide on silky smooth and have great lasting power. The pigment is so intense that I did not need to use an eye shadow primer and the color lasted all day. It blended effortlessly and felt good on the my lids. You can apply the shadows wet or dry for varying effects. When used wet, it deepens and brightens the hues as well as increases the shimmer. A little goes a long way with these eye shadows.

These eye shadows are definitely worth checking out."

"Having been involved in planning hundreds of events, tons of photo shoots, and having put together more fashion shows than I can count, I have hired a lot of makeup artists over the years. I was lucky enough to come across Dr. Michael Huwe and her fantastic makeup line, Obsessed Minerals. Not only is it a Pittsburgh-based, homegrown company, but also, Huwe's products are outstanding! Each one of her mineral-based products are uniquely colored and really give each model that added pop you look for. I am one of the planners for a charity fashion show, Glitzburgh, and I was lucky to snag Obsessed Minerals for our models early on. The shadows are perfect and the adhesion is amazing! Light and long-lasting, Obsessed Minerals stays on every model, even under the chaos of backstage. If you're thinking about trying a new line for your next show, I would strongly suggest checking out Obsessed Minerals. You'll never go back to traditional lines again!" -Dominic Alan Janidas, President, Orion Management Group
Mallorie T. wrote: "I use most of the Obsessed Minerals products available. I love the liquid eyeliner - so easy to apply and lasts all day. The volcano pots provide beautiful color with amazing POP! The Silk Day Cream provides just the right amount of moisture, and I have noticed a huge difference since using it. The Loose Powder Mineral provides great coverage without feeling heavy. And I love the Liquistix! Just the right amount of color alone, or beautiful shine worn over lipstick. My lips haven't been chapped in the winter since I started using it. I love Obsessed Minerals because I know they're made with pure ingredients, they are not heavy, look very natural, and don't bother my sensitive skin. I won't use anything else!"
Justine R. wrote: "I love the loose concealer & blush!!! It covers imperfections but doesn't 'feel heavy', my skin can breath and is much healthier now. I've used many different types of product in the past and hands down Obsessed Minerals is the BEST!
Theresa H. wrote: "I love love love the Obsessed Minerals eye shadow and Liqui-Stick. The colors of the eye shadow are fantastic and don't crease. Stays on all day too unlike other products I have used. The Liqui-Stick stays on my lips and isn't sticky and doesn't dry my lips out. Great products. I need more eye shadow come to think of it!"
Laura V. wrote: Love obsessed minerals :the salmon concealer covers better than any other concealer I have used. The mineral compact is so light but covers so well and the eye shadow colors are so fun and last all day. I even use the shadow as a liner. Really awesome makeup line!!!
Amy S. wrote: I love the eyeshadows, Edgy and Hysteria are my go to colors I use wet as liner. Peace & Love is also a favorite. But the product I use every single day is Liquid-Sticks, Vixen is my favorite shade. I love the gloss look without the sticky feel. Great products, great value and good for you! Thank you Michael!
Lisa H. wrote: I am writing to express my complete love for your products! Not only do I love that are they easily applied, the ingredients are natural, and the colors are incredible. I use the eye liners, eye shadows, powder foundation, blush, and hair and facial serum.

The liquid liners are very easy to apply and the colors are marvelous ~ I highly recommend the glitterstix ! They not only brighten your eyes but your spirits too! The variety of colors in the eye shadows are unsurpassed. The creator, Michael Huwe, has even created custom colors to match items in a wardrobe. 

The powder foundation goes on light and last all day. On top of the foundation, I apply the Luminizer to add a glow. At night, I habitually apply the Celestial Youth Kiss serum. This product is exceptional and has remarkable results. The product makes my skin super soft and is fantastic~the benefits include pore reducing, wrinkle minimizing, skin tightening, collagen boosting and spot lightening. I also highly recommend the hair serum, applied at night, you awake to silky soft locks!

The quality, variety and devotion that is put into these products is truly appreciated. As stated previously, I absolutely love these products and apply them on a daily basis!

Thank you for your devotion!
Tanya B. wrote: Obsessed Minerals powder foundation is by far the best product I have ever used. My skin looks natural, even, toned - amazing that one light powder can do all of this - and last ALL DAY!
Tamara H. wrote: I am so happy I discovered Obsessed Minerals. The eyeshadow color range and shimmery brilliance absolutely cannot top other mineral makeup brands. The eyeshadows in the creamed powder formula also have such a smooth creamy application that's easy to blend and can't be beat. No need for foiling because applied wet, you already have such a rich color application. Best of all is the ingredients list. I'm a hypersensitive person and am so happy I've found a brand I can use that also impresses me in terms of color range and quality! I could go on and on about my favorites and plan to keep collecting more and more favorites but so far I recommend Regatta, Intergalactic, Desire, and Catillion to enhance a wide range of eye colors. But best of all is the quality of customer service and Michael's devotion to customer care. She's impressively speedy at responding to email queries--even late at night on a weekend--and absolutely dedicated to answering all your questions and helping you find exactly what you're looking for. Thank you so much Michael! You and your products are truly amazing!