Who We Are

Bold colors are our promise.  Whether it's your eyes, lips, or face, we want you to stand out in the crowd. Why?  Because ordinary people blend in with the rest. Why not be proud and daring?  Our team at Obsessed Minerals wants you to create an obsession with the way you look, in a fun way!  A way that makes you look exactly the way you want.

Obsessed Minerals was founded by Dr. Michael Huwe in 2007.  At this time, she began to explore the ingredient lists of all of her favorite cosmetics that made the "cosmetic high risk list." She then became interested in healthy alternatives in makeup choices which lead her to becoming "obsessed" with creating glamorous colors from mineral ingredients. 

Thanks so much for visiting our online store. Our team is excited to provide you with an impeccable online shopping experience and remains available to assist at any time. If you have questions, comments or concerns about your order or the content found within this website, please feel free to contact us via email and one of our experienced team members will get back to you right away.  Again, thanks for visiting our store and we look forward to serving you in the future.